Guatemala, 1986.

Ana Werren is represented by Galería Extra in Guatemala City, her work has participated in a series of collective exhibitions inside and outside of the country. She holds a degree in Advanced Studies in Photography and Management of Photographic Projects from La Fototeca and the University of San Carlos de Guatemala (2012). Consequently, she concluded the program  “Nueva Generación” at La Fototeca (2014) with emphasis in artistic photography.

For two consecutive years she participated in the "International Festival of Photography in Pinyao", China (2013-2014), as well as in the initiative “Huéspedes del Presente" which culminated in a collective exhibition in Madrid, Spain (2013). Her work is part of the publication Prisma, from which a collective exhibition at the International Photography Festival Guatephoto (2015) was held. She has shown her work at "Artgala" (2017) and the “Subasta de Arte Latinoamericano Juannio" (2017-2018), in Guatemala. Her first solo show and most recent exhibition "Corpóreo, Extendible" (2018) was presented at Galería Extra, Guatemala.  


Artistic Proposal

Proposing the body as a field of interactions is one of the main concerns that she aims to investigate through her artistic practice. She seeks to play with the body, fragment it and isolate each part of it to understand its limitations and fragility, distorting its structure to transgress its physical and esthetic barriers to finally reconfigure it in order to search alternate possibilities. She intends to reinterpret the body parting from a reconstruction. Her artistic process becomes a game of discoveries, both physically and emotionally.